Look Good - Feel Good (and ditch that scale)!

Hey Peeps!

We started YOU CAN for a reason. It's more than just to get your mitts on some awesome and beautiful technical active wear and accessories. 

We've been in the fitness world (workin' it) for 15 years! And things have really changed! I remember all black clothes and white runners. Very little emphasis on how you looked except as related to the scale or your BMI! (PS - ditch that scale and please take BMI lightly. It's only a measure and doesn't account for your fantastical muscles!).

Now people want to feel good! They want to wear NICE clothes to work out. Clothing that is supportive and useful but also colourful, cheerful and beautiful. We no longer go to the gym as a punishment for what we ate the day/week/weekend before but because we know we are doing something GOOD for us. We want to look good AND feel good from the inside out. For some of us - it's even FUN!

This is why we instantly connected with Lorna Jane. Their tag line is "Move. Nourish. Believe". Yes - their clothing is unbelievably beautiful and functional but their mission and purpose is even more so! So get out and move your body because it feels good. Nourish from the inside out and most importantly - believe in yourself. Today and always!


Cheers and XO