May Influencer Of The Month - Courtney Hobbs

Meet the amazing, talented and entrepreneurial Courtney Hobbs! May's Influencer!

Courtney Says;

I was born to move! I started dancing at the age of 3 and that was that, I knew I had to move my body to be happy! I have always danced. I danced with a studio until I was 18 and then danced on a team in University.

I took a break from dancing in my early 20s and that’s when I found fitness. I quickly became obsessed with group fitness classes and began teaching them. For about 10 years I did that but also got back into dancing and started teaching dance as a secondary teacher.

It was then that my health took a turn because I was trying to do too much. Anxiety started taking over my life and I was unable to do normal daily activities and eventually I couldn’t do anything.

It was then that I knew I needed to figure out how to live my healthiest life that was both full but balanced. It was then that Edgewater Wellness was born.

I started my own business out of a passion for helping people get what they want and reach their full potential. I am a personal trainer and I specialize in individual and small group training. My goal is to help those I train feel stronger and more confident in their bodies. Additionally, I provide my clients and community members with various wellness opportunities with experts in the community through special classes, workshops and events. I want to help people live their best life possible!

I live in active wear and am loving my Lorna Jane pieces! They function just the way I need them too. I can move and sweat in them without discomfort. I feel confident in them and am proud to be this months influencer!

Find Courtney on social media @edgewaterwell #educatetrainsustain