Meet Our Newest Influencer Of the Month - Ellie Moore

Ellie Moore

Top 6 Two time Elite Canadian Beachbody Coach

London Ontario

She's wearing -  Lorna Jane's Refresh Sports Bra

I LOVE the mind and body shift I’ve undergone the last four years. That I don’t dread facing myself in the mirror or on the mat anymore. Fitness was terrifying and left me feeling like a failure until I embraced it and it soon became my refuge! It healed me on the inside and out. And now I LOVE helping others achieve the same! Workout gear is a critical functional and emotional piece of the process - it’s the best reward for a goal reached because it means you push for for something meaningful but once you achieve it and reward yourself - you’re EXCITED to wear it and move your body in it! You can’t go wrong with quality - never ever xoxo