Our April Influencer - Gabby Zerafa

Meet Gabby Zerafa - Our April Influencer of The Month
Gabby has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years.  She is passionate about influencing others and loves making connections with members and other instructors.

Gabby has a deep love for fitness and feels fulfilled when helping people make changes in their lives. Gabby says "knowing that people come to your classes because it makes them feel good - fills me up with so much gratitude. Even if I make a small difference, if I help someone with a small step forward on their health and wellness journey - I am HAPPY". 

As a fitness instructor, and all around awesome individual, Gabby lives in athletic apparel. Finding Lorna Jane has been a game changer. Gabby also has this to say about the best active wear on the planet - "These clothes are amazing! The tights stay up, they are not see through. This lets me focus on my work out and delivering the best class I can.  The bras are fantastic keeps the girls in their place"   

Gabby's Philosophy - However you choose to move your body - embrace what you can do every day.

Keep on influencing Gabby!!!!!!!