September Influencer Of The Month - Rene Thrasher-Duch

Meet Rene!!!!!

She has been teaching Yoga and fitness for more then 30 years!

Recently opening her new studio Yin Mind and Body to share her love for Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra...

Rene is a registered massage therapist who loves to help her clients alleviate pain by opening up their bodies with Yoga, and calm their minds with meditation!

Rene Says "I will take my Yoga with a side of MC Hammer please!! #80sgirl When I teach classes or when practicing on my own I want to be comfortable and look good (meaning current). I LOVE my new top from I felt covered, but could breathe and a little Yoga humour for a Friday!!!"

Check out Rene at @yinmindandbody