For us - fitness is not just something we do but it’s a passion!

For years it was treadmill drudgery. The same shoes. Dressed all in black. But we’ve been through so many changes - haven’t we ladies!?! Now fitness is lifestyle. It’s beautiful. It’s technical and it can be fun.

If you’re like us you want to FEEL good. About your body, your mind and your soul! Now you can dress the part as you head out to crush your goals - on the field, in the club, with your team or on the road pounding the pavement.

These clothes are designed to support your movements and make you look good. They are beautiful, technical, high quality (NOTE - NO MORE SEE THROUGH TIGHTS) and modern.

Send us a message, drop us a line and look and feel your best while you move!

Whatever your goal - remember this - YOU CAN!


(Note - thanks for being patient with us while we were working away at being ready for you. More inventory is in transit and soon we’ll be looking for people like you to help us grow. Are you an Influencer? Influencers will get special discounts. Influencer of the month will get free stuff!* - SO MUCH FUN AHEAD!)

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